[Watch] This Video From Pakistan Is Going Viral And It’s Hilarious

Every language has its own dialect and this dialect is what differentiates people. The way a Mumbaikar speaks Hindi is way different than the one spoken by a Delhiite.

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But, things get messier when the street vernacular takes over this dialect and creates awkward situations.

Urdu is no exception to this theory. Although considered as one of the sweetest and most refined language, there is a hint of vernacularism to Urdu as well.

Sometimes, simple words spoken in an innocent way sound way horrible when the dialect takes over the language.


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Even in Urdu, some simple words sound way horrible when vernacularism takes over the language.

This video by Being Pakistani demonstrates the same with the word “Chay” in a hilarious way.

So, are you Chay certified?




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