Everybody Who Wants To Boycott Pakistani Artists From India, Please Focus Here

Everybody Who Wants To Boycott Pakistani Artists From India
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When I was growing up, I was always taught how India has a step-sister called Pakistan. My history textbooks spoke about how the Indo-Pak partition in 1947 was the best thing that could have happened to us. And I was so proud of my country. I still am. But I was so proud of India being a ‘better’ country than Pakistan. I was so happy when they’d lose every match they played against us in the World Cup. I would feel a weird sense of joy trickle down my face when I read something terrible happening to them.

And then I grew up. I realized how it’s important to stick to your morals and values, apply logic and reasoning to strong claims and question everything that I doubt. Of course, I offended a lot of people while I was at it. But then again, you can seldom help someone who is yet to remove the blindfold tied tightly on them by doctored, politically correct textbooks fed to them at an impressionable age where grown-ups should actually be teaching kids how to figure out their own shit and have their own opinions. Some chose to grow up. Some, unfortunately, are still sucking thumbs.

When I saw the families of the 18 Uri Attack Martyrs, one of whom was going to get married soon, one of whose daughter went to take her exams the next day, and one whose son decided he’s going to avenge his father’s death by joining the army, a little part of me died inside. Look at me, writing this article, enjoying my cup of terribly done coffee, complaining about the company not fixing the AC.

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And look at these men who’ve come back home wrapped in a tri-colour, leaving behind nothing but remorse and no monetary help whatsoever by the Government. What was my immediate reaction? Anger. A lot of it. I was angry. I felt helpless. How in the world can I, a 25-year-old woman, sucked by the corporate world vacuum do anything about anything that’s happening on our border? I could feel 1 Billion Indians feel the same angst and pain.

But who are these ‘other’ people? They’re the ones who gather on social media and form a mob. They strategize. They’re emotional, they’re vulnerable to speeches made by dimwits, they’re currently reading this and drafting a long-ass message that they’ll send in my inbox. But, what is this powerful mob doing to give the Pakistani Government a befitting reply?

They’re spreading the message of “boycotting” Pakistani artists from our country. Hmmm. Let me try and apply logic here – You are trying to shoo away people who’ve come from a Terrorist Country, kinda battling terrorism themselves too, but channeling their focus on their talent here, because maybe, somewhere, some of them, are genuinely tired of the shit there and want to try their hand in our country?

Let me dig deeper. You’re saying, NOT watching Fawad Khan’s films, boycotting Pakistani artists from Coke Studio, calling out to directors who’re signing films with them, will help ease the tension at the border? Really? Is it that easy?

Well, where were you when our Prime Minister visited Pakistan and took this picture?


Why didn’t you apply the same logic as you have here now, then? Whatever happened to getting offended then? Did it really take you the death of 18 soldiers to realize a boycott is a solution to all this? 

Firstly, diss the Pakistani Government and the terrorists residing there, not Pakistanis.They’ve lost their children too, they’ve lost their families too. Whatever angst that you and I have, must be directed at the Government. Their Government, our Government. We’ve given them plenty of “second chances” and yet we never seem to run out of them. We should have acted after the 26/11 attacks (8 years ago), but what did we do? We chose to visit the Prime Minister Of Pakistan and click pictures with him.

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It killed us when we saw innocent dead bodies of children from the Peshawar School attacks being taken away. We felt the pain that the people of Pakistan do too. The Government doesn’t. But people like you and me, do. Understand the difference. Don’t let your helplessness overpower your ability to think logically.


Secondly, boycotting the artists and celebrities coming to India is not going to fix ANYTHING. Do you really think the Pakistani Government cares? Do you think Fawad Khan is going to get all sad about Karan Johar not getting him to sign his film and approach the Government and add any pressure? That man has enough money to last a lifetime, he can survive without India, he can survive without us. What you should be doing is channeling all this hate and sending it in the Pakistani Government’s direction.

Boycott bigger things. Boycott the trades, diss them at the UN, do everything it takes as an individual to educate people about what’s happening. Do NOT follow a herd who have no explanation when asked why boycotting celebrities is the solution. 


You think that’s the first step towards sidelining that country? Pcch. If only it were that easy, my friend. If it were that easy, I’d have been a part of the comments section on Facebook pages too. If it were that easy, we’d just switch off all our channels and stop listening to music and live a peaceful life. If it were only that frikkin’ easy. 

I am equally saddened by the state of affairs right now. I can promise there will be no business transactions from our Brand’s end across borders, I can promise the next time my PM visits that country and smiles for the cameras, I will oppose it. I can promise to question my Government’s inability to provide my soldiers with quality ammunitions and safety guards. I can do so many things that could if not help, send a message across the border.

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But alas! Under this comment, I will still find a mob calling me a “Porkistani” and ask me to move countries and call me names. It’s like every day we wake up, knowing there’s a little bit of logic dying within us, and all we’re doing is, following the herd.

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