7 Natural Ways To Prevent Head Lice!

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“Ways To Prevent Head Lice”

Scratching head…Scratching head…why? Cause’ head lice are in it, right?

Ugh, head lice are terrible and they give you all kinds of nightmare without any doubt. I’m gonna be frank, I’ve gone through it but luckily I got rid of it too. Head lice is mainly a common problem amongst children aged 4-12 but it is also been said that they jump here and there {Not kidding though!} Look, if you’re dealing with it right now {doesn’t matter your age} then you need to get rid of it before you face any infections.


Use and put forward these natural ways to prevent head lice quickly.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can help you get rid of the head lice, cause’ they don’t like the smell of tea tree oil. All you need to do is, put some amount of tea tree oil onto your hair and keep massaging it thoroughly. Relax a bit and keep it for about 1-2 hours. Later, wash your hair off.

You can use another technique as well- Put 2 drops of tea tree oil into a small shampoo bottle. While having bath, use that shampoo to wash your hair. 2 in 1 will give you best result.

  1. Remove head lice

It might be frustrating but take some time off to remove the head lice. Comb your hair and make two sides and then, start cleaning i.e. removing the lice from each side at a time.

  1. Hair Dryer
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Hair dryer is very effective and it easily kills the lice and nit eggs. Use the hot-air trick on your wet hair and then see the result.

  1. Mayonnaise

Apply the mayonnaise onto your hair and cover it with a cap and leave it overnight. It is been said that Mayonnaise closes the breathing holes of head lice and then they die. It is proven to be a good home remedy to clean the hair completely.

The other day, comb your hair and remove the dead head lice and later wash your hair.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has the acidic properties involved in it that helps a lot to kill all the head lice. Take lemon juice and put it onto your hair scalp and keep it that way for 15 minutes max. Now wash it with vinegar and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Do it daily for 1 week and then see the difference.

  1. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly helps a lot to prevent all the head lice as the jelly closes the breathing holes of lice and then they die.


Do this- Apply the jelly onto the hair scalp and cover it up with a cap and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your hair off with shampoo. Once your hair dries, comb your hair to remove the head lice.

  1. Don’t leave your hair open

Once you wash and use any of the above technique, don’t leave your hair open and just tie it up in a ponytail. Also make sure that you don’t share your combs and personal items with anyone.
So, use any of the above mentioned ways to prevent head lice immediately. Any queries? Comment below.

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Source- Yougisthan

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