Thought Every Woman Has When They See Hubby Naked For First Time

Naked husband
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Naked husband – After the so long tiring wedding celebrations, the couple finally gets to spend their first night together.

There ‘first night’ for new life. Newly wedded couples spend their time speaking a lot about each other, memories they had and many more other things. However, when the time comes for the clothes’ to float away they shy away.

Being first time of their love making, each of the couple has different thoughts running up in their mind. It’s every girl’s dream to have the most handsome guy as her husband. But what are the thoughts she has that night seeing her naked husband for the first time. Probably

  • Fear
  • Curious
  • Tensed
  • Surprised
  • Excitement

These are the other thoughts running in her mind whe she sees naked husband..!! Let’s check them out.

  1. ‘O God! Please could the lights go off, feeling a bit shy
  1. There he is scooping me such a great feeling
  1. ‘I have always been dreaming of a man who could make love to me for this life and here he stands
  1. ‘What does he even think of me?’ I am sexy enough!
  1. He smells great and a great kisser too
  1. OMG he is removing clothes so are we doing today
  1. Amazing sexy bare chest how strong he is such an sexy feeling
  1. Shorts dropped, Oh, that’s really a big one hungry though.
  1. Now that I saw its size want to test the power as well, ‘How deep will he get in, will it hurt me.
  1. Where are his hands moving on my body? Glad, that I waxed up my v*****.
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Dear girl, chuck it..!!! These are the most common thoughts that every girl has on the very first day of her love making to her man. True Love that is an eternal feeling never can change with the shape of body. It’s all in the heart. Your man will love you back and even more, the way you love him.

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