Jhanvi says Ashwin has come. The spirit asks why did you do this Jhanvi? She says I felt you will not let Maya’s marriage happen. It further says it wants its killer and won’t rest in peace till the actual murderer is nabbed. The tantric asks the spirit to tell him who murdered him? Vandana tells Maya (Jennifer Winget) that God does not support bad people and walks off. Maya holds her hand tightly. Vandana tells her to leave her hand and slaps her in the temple before Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) and the onlookers. The tantric says that Ashwin does not know who murdered him but says the person is right there in the house. The tantric says Ashwin is very angry and will take his revenge.

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The tantric tells Jhanvi to write a letter explaining that she is not the murderer and throw it in a river. She gets worried but Arjun says this is the only way to let Ashwin let Maya and her live in peace. Angry, Maya picks up a sickle and walks towards Vandana. Jhanvi writes a letter in the name of Ashwin stating that she murdered him and begs for forgiveness. She requests him to accept her apology and leave her alone. Maya raises the sickle on Vandana but Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) stops her. She places the sickle in Vandana’s hand and asks her to kill her. Maya says you cannot tolerate me with Arjun but I cannot leave the love of my life. She begs before Vandana.

Vandana tells everyone that Maya is a dramebaaz and fake. She says I am a mother who knows the world. She says Arjun might be blind in your love but I am not. Vandana says your love for Arjun is like a game, which you do not want to lose. Vandana tells Maya that she will not let Arjun lose this game. Saanjh runs behind her and later gives a tight hug to Maya. She says that Vandana hates me. Saanjh says she is looking at it from a mother’s perspective.


Jhanvi sees Arjun talking to his friend who played the role of a fake Tantric and is shocked. The friend tells Arjun that he does not think that Jhanvi killed Ashwin. Arjun says I wanted to end the tale of Ashwin Mehrotra. The Inspector calls Maya and says that he has found the real murderer of Ashwin. He says I will meet you soon. Saanjh asks Maya what happened? Maya says that his real killer has been found. Maya gets a call from Jhanvi who tells her to come and meet at the old warehouse. She says I found out who killed Ashwin and will inform you too…

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