Ishqbaaz 01st August 2017 Written Episode Update : Shivaay Shocked And Confused Post Tia’s Revelation, Omkara Gets Mesmerized On Gauri’s Beauty

Ishqbaaz 01st August 2017 Written Episode Update : Shivaay Shocked And Confused Post Tia's Revelation, Omkara Gets Mesmerized On Gauri's Beauty
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Tia tells Shivaay that Anika loves him a lot and made a big sacrifice, Shivaay gets shocked. Tia gets confused and realizes that Shivaay doesn’t know the truth. Shivaay tries to know the truth from Tia, she gets a call and leaves. Shivaay remains shocked and confused. Shivaay decides to find the truth. Gauri seeks Rudra’s help for inspiring Omkara. Shivaay joins them and tells Gauri to follow his instructions. Bhavya leaves for a secret place from Oberoi Mansion, Rudra follows her.

Anika scolds Sahil on phone for getting low marks in maths. Shivaay comes and confronts Anika for the real reason for making Shivaay throw Anika out of the house. Anika gets shocked and remembers Pinky’s words. Anika tries to avoid Shivaay, Shivaay tells about Tia’s meet to Anika. Anika tries to avoid the topic and leaves. Jhanvi gets scared to see Tej in the window. Shivaay pulls Anika in his arms and tells her to confess the truth, Anika tries to avoid, Shivika argue about other people in their lives.

Shivaay tells Anika to look in his eyes and say that she has moved on, Shivaay and Anika argue over their separation. Anika refuses to talk, Shivaay pulls Anika towards him and warns her, Anika still refuses. Gauri comes towards Omkara looking ravishing, Omkara gets mesmerized. Gauri says this is for his inspiration, Gauri pulls Omkara’s attention towards her by mesmerizing Omkara. Omkara tells Gauri that he wants to make her painting, Omkara puts Gauri on the couch and makes her painting.

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Omkara goes near Gauri and adjusts her intimately. Bhavya reaches a house, Rudra follows. Sultan’s men follow Rudra as Bhavya is with the hacker in the house. Bhavya checks the video. Omkara touches Gauri with a peckoc feather, Gauri gets conscious and tells Omkara that she never thought that Omkara is an artist when they met in Bareli. Omkara gets angry and pushes Gauri away. The hacker locks the door and gives the key to Sultan’s men.

Bhavya gets busy in checking the videos, Rudra sees her. Gauri gets confused with Omkara’s changed behavior, Pinky taunts and laughs at Gauri. Gauri decides to confront Omkara to know the truth. Rudra enters the room, Bhavya gets shocked. Bhavya starts screaming at Rudra and tells him to leave. Sultan’s men pour petrol on the house, Rudra smells it. Omkara refuses to talk to Gauri, Gauri asks Omkara why she is in this house. Gauri angrily confronts Omkara. Gauri warns Omkara that she wants her answers and if she leaves she will never return, Omkara gets shocked, Gauri walks off in anger. Rudra tries to warn Bhavya and gets shocked to see the house locked. Sultan’s men start the fire, Bhavya gets engrossed in seeing the video proof. Rudra gets shocked to see the fire, Bhavya tells Rudra to leave, Bhavya refuses to leave without seeing the full video.

Rudra picks Bhavya up, Bhavya tries to tell about her parents to Rudra, Rudra breaks the door and gets out with Bhavya, Bhavya cries. Omkara gets disturbed over Gauri’s questions and remembers Kali Thakur’s wife and the days in Bareli. Bhavya and Rudra argue over Rudra saving Bhavya’s life and interfering Bhavya’s work. Rudra asks Bhavya why had she saved his life, she says as it is her duty. Rudra confronts Bhavya, Bhavya tells Rudra to stay away from her mission and walks off.

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Shivaay makes Anika vow on him to say the truth, Anika tells Shivaay that he is not Pinky’s son and that he is Shakti and Kamini’s son and that Mahi is his twin brother.

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