Ishqbaaz 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update : O’Brother’s have Heard time Dealing with Baby

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Episode starts with Rudra and Omkara dancing to pacify the baby, girls spy and get shocked. Girls decide to find the truth. Some time back… Bhavya kicks Rudra instead of the door. Omkara faces Gauri, girls try to sneak in the room, Omkara avoids Gauri and Bhavya.

Omkara says Shivaay is unwell, Anika comes and gets worried about Shivaay. Anika shoots questions at Omkara, he decides to send Shivaay out. Shivaay gets annoyed with Anika, Anika calls out for Shivaay. Shivaay comes out and tries to avoid Anika, Shivaay refuses to let out the baby secret. Shivaay covers up and closes the door. The Oberoi brothers get worried and decide to keep the baby as a secret. Rudra plays with the baby and tries to find out whose baby it is.

Oberoi brothers start passing the buck to each other over who is the father of the baby. Rudra says the baby is of Shivaay as the baby has cat eyes. The Oberoi Brothers argue. The girls decide to find the truth. Shivaay says that they must get the DNA test done to find the real father, but it must be a secret. Shivaay says it may take a week to get the result of DNA test, Oberoi brothers get worried. The baby starts crying, boys get shocked, girls hear the sound.

Pinky gets shocked to see Jhanvi and Tej together. Jhanvi thanks Pinky for making Jhanvi realize that Pinky can never become a good person. Jhanvi says Tej had gone to the hotel for a meeting and not to meet Svetlana. Jhanvi fires Pinky, Tej smirks at Pinky. Tej warns Pinky to keep her mouth shut, Pinky decides to expose Tej anyhow. Oberoi brothers try to quieten the baby and try different techniques. Rudra and Omkara start dancing to pacify the baby, the baby stops crying, Rudra stops, Baby starts crying again, Rudra dances again.

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Girls check on the boys through the key hole, girls get shocked to see the boys dancing, but don’t see the baby. Gauri calls for Omkara, Rudra opens the door. Bhavya, Anika and Gauri question Rudra, Rudra says they are dancing as they are happy. Rudra refuses to let out the baby secret and closes the door. Girls decide to find the truth anyhow. Baby sleeps, but as Shivaay keeps the baby down, the baby starts crying again, Rudra and Shivaay start dancing again. Gauri sees Khanna asking a lady to identify herself, Gauri checks on the lady, she turns out to be Gauri’s mother. Gauri gets emotional and happy. Samar looks at a girl’s photo, a girl is seen talking on the phone, Samar remembers Shivaay breaking Anika’s chawl.

Ragini tells Samar that there is no point in remembering the past. Ragini says Samar is not at all worried about her. Ragini says Shivaay is not bothered about her and Anika has come in between Ragini and Shivaay. Samar says if Shivaay doesn’t love her then nobody can do anything, Ragini says Shivaay has to love her. Samar tries to make Ragini understand, Ragini says she will have Shivaay love her forcibly at any cost. Ragini tells Samar that she needs his help. Rudra plays with baby’s leg while the baby is sleeping, baby kicks the baby, the baby starts crying. Rudra starts dancing again, baby’s clothes get wet with water. Boys decide to change baby’s clothes. Gauri and her mom cry hugging each other.

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Gauri’s mother says she is here to meet Omkara and Oberoi family, Gauri avoids the topic. Gauri says Omkara is busy with work, Gauri gets worried about the truth of her and Omkara’s relation. Gauri sees Omkara, Gauri forces her mom to rest. Gauri stops Omakra from entering the room, Shivaay and Rudra try to pacify the baby. Omkara says he needs to take clothes, Gauri gets in an argument. Omkara stops Gauri with his finger on her lips, both share a long stare. Omkara tells Gauri that he needs the clothes made for the idols of God. Gauri sees her mother and hurriedly closes the door. Samar gets angry with Ragini’s idea of creating a sympathy in Shivaay’s heart for her.

Ragini tells Samar that he must hurt her and give her pain to put the blame on her imaginary boyfriend Siddharth. Samar refuses, Ragini blackmails Samar. Oberoi brothers get worried about changing baby’s clothes, Rudra takes up the responsibility. Baby kicks Rudra. Omkara comes next, the baby starts crying. Shivaay comes up next. Girls decide to find the truth when all come for lunch, they hear Jhanvi telling the staff to take dinner for boys in their room. Oberoi brothers together change the clothes with their eyes closed. Oberoi brothers get mesmerized to see the baby in Lord Krishna’s clothes.


Shivaay does ‘Junglee’ dance for the baby. Bhavya and Anika talk on the walkie talkie to keep an eye on Shivaay, Shivaay sees Anika.

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