Ishqbaaz 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update : Anika Tells Shivaay That He Is Shakti And Kamini’s Illegitimate Son

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Episode starts with Shivaay mixing Bhaang in Anika’s food, Anika exchanges food bowls. Shivaay and Anika dance on Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Anika tells the truth to illegitimacy truth to Shivaay. Gauri tells Bhavya that it’s time for her to take a decision.

Some time back… Anika refuses to tell the truth to Shivaay. Shivaay handcuffs Anika and tells her to spill the truth else he will not open her, the key falls on the carpet. Omkara tells Gauri that she has no place in his life and blames her for the death of Kali Thakur’s wife and calls her characterless woman and a liar. Omkara walks off angrily. Bhavya tells Rudra that she saved Rudra as it was her duty. Bhavya tells Rudra never to interfere in her work.

Omkara and Rudra make tea getting irritated in the kitchen. Omkara and Rudra discuss Gauri and Bhavya. Shivaay joins them and decides to challenge the women. Shivaay makes Aaloo Puri for Anika to find out the reason Anika left him. Rudra blurts out that Anika had made them vow to not reveal the truth. Anika sees the key in the carpet and takes it. Anika unlocks herself. Shivaay adds Bhaang in Anika’s food. Anika overhears Shivaay’s plan of Bhaang and decides to fail it.

Anika once again gets locked in handcuff and throws the key in the carpet. Shivaay looks for the key and finds it on the carpet. Shivaay says he did not want to hurt Anika, Anika says some marks will never go. Shivaay says Anika could have told him the truth. Shivaay gives the food to Anika, Anika asks him to get water, Shivaay goes to get water, Anika exchanges the food, Anika eats food, Shivaay gets happy. Shivaay ends up eating bhaang mixed food. Shivaay starts laughing and gets high. Shivaay and Anika dance on Jai Jai Shiva Shankar song.

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Shivaay pulls Anika close and holds her close. Shivaay Anika to tell the truth, Anika remembers Pinky’s words. Shivaay starts forcing Anika, she tries to avoid. Shivaay gets emotional and questions Anika. Anika tells all that she did was told by Pinky as she was blackmailed by her. Shivaay makes Anika vow on him, to tell the truth. Anika tells Shivaay that he is Shakti and Kamini’s illegitimate son and Mahi is his brother. Shivaay gets speechless and cries thinking he is an illegitimate son. Anika tries to console Anika. Shivaay realizes the meaning of Anika’s actions and asks Anika if she did not trust him. Anika says she did not want to separate Shivaay and Pinky.

She did not want Shivaay to break down and hence she was scared. Shivaay breaks down completely and gets shocked to know that everyone knew this truth except him. Shivaay cries realizing Anika’s sacrifice and apologizes to her. Anika hugs Shivaay and holds him close and tells him she was scared. Anika tells Shivaay that they are together and they will face the situation together. Anika confesses her love to Shivaay, Anika realizes that Shivaay has slept. Anika puts him on the bed. Anika wonders how Shivaay will react in the morning.

In the morning, Gauri tells Bhavya that Omkara has not understood her and never wanted to understand her. Bhavya is lost in the memories of her lost parents. Gauri says it is time for her to take a decision. Svetlana tells Jahnvi to come out of the closet, Jhanvi is scared and refuses. Jhanvi comes out and tells Svetlana about Tej. Svetlana tells Jhanvi it is her imagination. Omkara and Rudra find Bhavya and Gauri missing from home. Both refrain from calling them. Omkara and Rudra start getting worried. Rudra and Omkara realize that Bhavya and Gauri’s clothes are missing, both try to call them. Svetlana takes Jhanvi to the spa for relaxing massage. Jhanvi sees Tej with a knife, Svetlana hears Jhanvi’s screams. Svetlana tries to relax Jahnvi. OmRu realize that Gauri and Bhavya have left.

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Shivaay asks Anika to tell him the truth again as he is confused, Anika gets shocked.

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