Ishqbaaz 31th July 2017 Written Episode Update : Shivaay Question Pinky About Anika And His Separation Real Reason

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Episode starts with Shivaay pushing the food from Anika’s lips in her mouth. Omkara and Rudra think of the way to make Shivaay know the truth. Some time back… Anika slips and falls in Shivaay’s arms, both share an eye lock.

Anika and Shivaay settle down for dinner. Anika thinks of Shivaay getting ready in his stylish way for dinner, Anika compliments Shivaay over the arrangements, Shivaay feels Anika is praising herself. Shivaay praises the food, Anika gets confused. Anika goes to serve Raita, it falls, Shivaay predicts the same. Shivaay predicts that Anika will ask about eating with her hands, Anika asks the same. Anika eats, a piece of food gets stuck near Anika’s lips, Shivaay pushes it in Anika’s mouth, Shivaay smiles, Anika gets conscious.

It turns out to be Shivaay’s dream, Anika brings Shiavay back to senses. Shivaay and Anika keep predicting correctly about each other. Rudra takes their pictures and gets happy. Rudra uploads Shivika pictures on Social media, everyone starts commenting. Ragini sees the pictures and gets furious, she calls Samar and tells him that time has come to execute their plan or it will be too late. Shivika start arguing over who invited whom, both realize that this is OmRu’s plan. Anika leaves in anger, Shivaay follows.

Shivaay confronts OmRu. OmRu try to make Shivaay understand to forget about what Anika did to hurt him, Shivaay refuses to forgive Anika and patch up with her. Omkara stops Rudra from telling the truth to Shivaay, OmRu think of ways to make Shivaay realize the truth, Rudra gets an idea. Gauri wears tights with Dupatta as advised by Rudra. Gauri tells Rudra that Omkara needs perspiration in place of inspiration, Rudra feels weird but encourages Gauri. Gauri and Rudra start working out, Omkara gets confused, Gauri says this is for perspiration. Omkara corrects Gauri, OmRu laugh at Gauri, Omkara calls her cute. Rudra takes the pen drive from Bhavya, Bhavya tries to get it back. Rudra confronts her, Bhavya comes close to Rudra, he gets conscious with Bhavya’s seduction. Bhavya tricks Rudra and handcuffs him to the bed and blindfolds him. Rudra screams for Omkara and Shivaay, they laugh at Rudra and tease him. Next day morning, Omkara feeds breakfast to Rudra as Rudra’s hands pain.

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A flashback shows Bhavya taking a promise from Rudra that he will not interfere and disturb her work. But Rudra makes up a fake story to tell Omkara. Shivaay joins for breakfast and makes fun of Rudra. A flashback shows that Rudra gets determined to find out what Bhavya is hiding. Jhanvi cries and gets scared over Tej’s death, Svetlana tries to console her, suddenly Tej enters with a knife in his mouth, Jhanvi gets scared as Svetlana goes missing. Tej scares and threatens Jhanvi saying he has killed Svetlana. Tej approaches Jahnvi. It turns out to be Jhanvi’s dream and she wakes up suddenly. Jhanvi calls Svetlana, Svetlana consoles Jhanvi and calls her home. Jhanvi gets Tej’s call on her phone.

Rudra tells Shivaay that there is something that Shivaay needs to know and that they should have told him earlier. Rudra talks about Anika and calls her crazy. Omkara tells Shivaay that whatever Anika said and did was probably out of compulsion. Shivaay refuses to believe Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay says Anika has broken all his trusts and hopes and that she broke his heart. Anika does the calculations of expenses, Shivaay corrects her. Shivaay says Anika’s basic nature can never change, Anika says and if the basic nature changes, there has to be some solid reason. Shivaay confronts Anika, she gets emotional and teary. Shivaay asks Anika if she wants to tell him something, Anika leaves. Svetlana consoles Jhanvi, Jhanvi tells Svetlana about Tej’s call, Svetlana doesn;t believe her, Tej calls on Jahnvi’s phone, both get shocked. Svetlana answers and it turns out to be Hotel Receptionist’s number.

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Pinky comes to Shivaay’s room, Pinky tells Shivaay about Tej. Shivaay asks Pinky about Anika, Pinky gets worried, Shivaay gets curious about Pinky’s behavior. Pinky covers up. Shivaay asks Pinky about Anika’s behavior on the parting day. Pinky gets worried, Shivaay notices Pinky’s worry. Shivaay questions Pinky, Pinky remembers the past.


Tia tells Shivaay that only Anika can take such an extreme step and make a sacrifice for him. Gauri looks mesmerizingly beautiful, Omkara makes he painting.

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