Ishqbaaz 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update : Shivaay Wants To Meet Anika’s Fiance, Gauri Leaves Mumbhai Omkara Search For Her

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Episode starts with Anika tells Shivaay that she has a fiance and she will arrange the meet of two. Gauri boards the bus to Pune, Omkara reaches in the Bus. Rudra sees the video of Sultan and realizes that Bhavya’s family was killed in the explosion.

Some time back… Shivaay suffers from a hangover and realizes that he ate bhaang and tries to recollect the night events. Anika decides to handle the matter and brings coffee for him. Shivaay tries to recollect, Anika gets worried about Shivaay. Shivaay decides to hide from Anika that he has forgotten what Anika told him. Shivaay tries to know from Anika and tells Anika to tell everything again. Anika gets confused, Anika refuses to tell the truth to Shivaay again.

Rudra remembers Bhavya’s irritation on losing the video footage and he gets worried.
Omkara gets worried about Gauri. Rudra calls his friend who knew Bhavya in Merath. Gauri’s mother calls Omkara to tell Gauri to carry warm clothes to use in hilly regions. Omkara realizes that Gauri has not gone to her mother and must have gone to Kali Thakur. Shivaay tries to make sense of what Anika is saying, Shivaay gets annoyed over forgetting everything. Anika says whatever may happen, she, Omkara and Rudra are with him. Anika tells Shivaay to forget everything as he is the backbone of the Oberoi family.

Anika gets confused about Shivaay’s reactions, Shivaay tells Anika to say everything again, Anika realizes that Shivaay cannot remember anything. Shivaay gets angry with Anika for hiding the truth and Anika refuses to tell him anything. Rudra sees eggs and remembers Bhavya. Rudra’s friend shows Bhavya in the video call. Rudra sees Bhavya performing her family’s Shraddh in the video call, Rudra gets shocked. Rudra understands that Bhavya’s entire family died on the same day. Rudra remembers that Bhavya did not say anything clearly about her family when he had asked about it. Anika says she will not tell the truth come what may.

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Anika says it doesn’t matter anymore, Shivaay gets angry and says the truth matters to him. Anika reminds Shivaay about Ragini. Shivaay reminds Anika that she got engaged first, Shivaay pulls Anika close and asks if she is sure if she has moved on. Anika tells Shivaay to leave her as he has no right to her and they are divorced. Shivaay says he wants to meet her so called fiance, Anika tries to avoid, Shivaay persists. Shivaay says Anika is lying about the fiance. Anika says she will have Shivaay meet her fiance and walks off. Svetlana tells Jhanvi to stop imagining about Tej and to relax. The waiter drops the wine, Svetlana gets angry. Gauri’s brother (namesake) confronts Omkara about Gauri going missing. Omkara says he should go and ask Kali about Gauri as Gauri wants money.

Gauri’s brother tells Omkara that if Gauri wanted money she would have gone to Kali long back rather than getting insulted by Omkara till now, Gauri could have had her mother treated in the best hospital if she had money. Gauri’s brother makes Omkara realize the truth, Omkara gets worried about Gauri, brother mentions about talking to Gauri from a Bus stand. Omkara leaves and remembers Gauri’s words. Rudra reaches the burnt house and decides to see the footage.

Svetlana washes her clothes in the rest room and gets worried seeing the red marks. Suddenly Svetlana sees Tej in the mirror and gets scared as he tries to strangulate her, suddenly he disappears. Rudra finds the pen drive and plays on his laptop. Rudra sees the footage of Bhavya’s family dying in the car blast and tries to find Sultan’s connection to it. Svetlana creates a trap for Tej to know if Tej is really alive. Svetlana tells Jhanvi that Tej is alive and is playing games with them. Gauri gets into the bus, Omkara reaches and gets on the same bus. Guri sees him and hides behind the seat. Rudra realizes that Bhavya has kept her pain hidden in her heart. Svetlana gets worried to see someone on her bed, suddenly Tej gets up on the bed, Svetlana takes Jhanvi, tej disappears. Jhanvi says it must be Tej’s ghost, Svetlanarefuses to believe. Omkara cannot find Gauri and gets down from the bus, Gauri comes out of hiding, Omkara feels bad.

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Shivaay asks Anika about her fiance’s name, Anika says Vikram and shows the photo on the Magazine, Ragini and Shivaay get shocked.

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