Chandra Nandini 31th July 2017 Written Episode Update : Chandra Happy As Nandini Is Pregnant

Chandra Nandin
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The case starts in the courtroom and Moora is accused of killing Pandugrath. Nandini is asked whether she has witnessed Moora killing Pandugrath. Nandini reluctantly says she has witnessed it. Malay is also asked whether Moora has killed Pandugrath and Malay too says yes.
Moora also agrees to kill Pandugrath but says that Pandugrath was not mentally retarded. Moora says that he wanted to kill her son and therefore it was her duty to protect her son. Moora shows the weapon which Pandugrath had worn on his hands to kill Chandra. Nandini asks Moora why dint she catch Pandugrath red handed rather than killing him. Moora says she has proof and she shows the toys which Pandugrath had turned into weapons to kill Chandra. The doctor is called and he says that Pandugrath was not taking the medicines prescribed to him which prove that he was mentally stable.

Moora also says that a letter was found in Pandugrath’s room which will prove everything. Moora says that all the bad incidents taking place in the palace were because of him and Malay also says that Pandugrath was not mentally retarded. Nandini thinks that her brother betrayed her. Moora says she is ready to accept any punishment but she has proved herself. Chandra apologizes to Moora for not trusting her. Chandra announces that Moora is innocent. Nandini cries saying that Moora had to bear so much because of her brother.

Nandini asks Moora to forgive her but Moora asks her to leave. Nandini begs for forgiveness but Moora says that the decision will be taken only by Chandra. Nandini says she will leave from the palace. Chanakya is shown doing Pooja. An informer tells Chanakya that Pandugrath has been killed and his vow has got over. Voiceover says that Chanakya and Chandra got united once again after this and Chandra brought him back to the palace. Chanakya also tied his hair finally as his vow had got completed. Chandra and Nandini come closer after 6 months and Nandini finally admitted her love to Chandra. Chandra and Nandini become lovers finally and consummate their marriage.

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8 years leap gets over and voiceover says that a new storm was going to enter Chandra and Nandini’s life. After 8 years leap, Bindusar is shown running through the forest and reaching the place where Nandini is waiting for him for sword fight practice. Nandini is angry with Bindusar for being late and tells Bindusar that she will hit him on his hands. Nandini sees that Bindusar has got tamarind for her and she gets emotional. Nandini feels sick after eating the tamarind. Nandini is resting on bed and Dadi tells Bindusar that Nandini is going to be a mother.

Bindusar gets excited hearing about Nandini’s baby. Dadi tells Nandini that Chandra has won the battle and is returning to the palace. Bindusar tells everyone about the news of Nandini’s pregnancy. Bindusar tells Moora about Nandini being pregnant and Moora gets upset. Moora thinks that Nandini’s love for Bindusar may reduce with the birth of her own child. Helena does sword fighting with a boy named Adonis and says he is her son and he has to be better than Bindusar. Bindusar comes there and tells Helena that Nandini is going to be a mother. Helena fumes hearing this. Chandra returns from the battle and Bindusar tells him the good news about Nandini’s pregnancy.

Chandra runs to be with Nandini and Moora fumes thinks that Chandra went away without her Aarti. Dadi consoles Moora saying that Chandra is just like his father. Chandra is with Nandini and tells her that he is worried as an astrologer tells her that their baby might have some problems. Nandini gets worried and Chandra says that their baby will be just like him. Nandini scolds Chandra for joking with her. Chandra and Nandini continue with their nok jhok.

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Precap: Apama says that Bindusar is Nandini’s step son and this will create a rift. Nandini wants to give her maximum time to Bindusar. Bindusar says that Nandini will have to pay for each pain she has caused to his mother. Bindusar cries and tells Chandra that Nandini has fallen from the cliff.

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